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Diana Hayes, J.D., Ph.D., S.T.D.

Ph.D., S.T.D. – Systematic Theology — Katholieke Universiteit Louvain (Belgium)
S.T.B, S.T.L. (1983,1985) Catholic University of America, Theology
J.D. – Law — The George Washington University
B.A.  State University of New York – Buffalo


Dr. Diana L. Hayes is Professor Emerita of Systematic Theology in the Department of Theology at Georgetown. Her areas of specialization are Womanist Theology, Black Theology, U.S. Liberation Theologies, Contextual Theologies, Religion and Public Life, and African American and Womanist Spirituality. Her courses include Black Liberation Theology, Womanist Theology, American Liberation Theology, Race, Class, Gender and Religion, (all of which she has also taught at the graduate level, Religion and Liberation (a Theology majors seminar) and the required intro course, The Problem of God (from a comparative world religions in the US perspective). Dr. Hayes is the first African American woman to receive the Pontifical Doctor of Sacred Theology degree (S.T.D.) from the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium) and has also received three honorary doctorates. She is the author of 8 books and over 50 articles.